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Michael Ivanov-

My name is Michael Ivanov and I do many things. I graduated from a community college with an associate in computer technology and got busy working. I spent a long time doing things I was “supposed to do” and because of this I distracted myself from seeking and finding out who I really am. After a few years working in the corporate world I had to really put my life on pause, take a step back and evaluate my reason for existing.

Although I remained a hard worker in my responsibilities as it was a habit i had developed since child hood, I had completely lost all passion for what i was doing and everything seemed a bit meaningless. I was not providing the world with the kind of value i thought i could be and my drive for expression completely fizzled out.

If we are not doing something that allows us to express our creative selves and show the world why we matter, our life will go on as we drift aimlessly day by day until we end up in a place of complete depression, regret, or confusion.

In my search for meaning, I dedicated myself to studying and reading about people who found that “happiness” or “success” in life that we all seek. Out of this beautiful mess I also developed my website, SpeakLife365.com. With this website, my goal is to find people stuck in life without a purpose or a sense of meaning and point them in the right direction because there really is a better way to live!!! 🙂

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Musical Background: ‘TAKE THE CHANCE’ by Nicolai Heidlas

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