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Richard Scott combines psychology, NLP and CBT with traditional and modern hypnosis for the fastest, most successful results /Ep2507

richard-scott-combines-psychology-nlp-and-cbt-with-traditional-and-modern-hypnosis-for-the-fastest-most-successful-results-ep2507_thumbnail.png Richard Scott- Richard Scott combines psychology, NLP and CBT with traditional and modern hypnosis for the fastest, most successful results. Specialising in anxiety and empowerment, his proven track record features in national and international media. Clients span more than 30 countries and include celebrities, sporting champions, royalty, government, Special Forces, esteemed medical practitioners and members… MORE >

Lubna Forzley helps companies and leaders create stories worth sharing /Ep2506

lubna-forzley-helps-companies-and-leaders-create-stories-worth-sharing-ep2506_thumbnail.png Lubna Forzley- Lubna Forzley is the Managing Director of Stories, a consulting firm, which helps companies and leaders create stories worth sharing. A storyteller, speaker, writer and moderator, Lubna often speaks in and moderates major conferences and events. She was recently chosen to participate in a Global TV Program called ‘The Social Movement’, which will… MORE >

Grow your business by leveraging one tool: A bestselling book with Laura Petersen /Ep2505

grow-your-business-by-leveraging-one-tool-a-bestselling-book-with-laura-petersen-ep2505_thumbnail.png Laura Petersen-  Laura Petersen (a.k.a. LaptopLaura) is a tall Math and Psychology teacher turned entrepreneur, Amazon international bestselling author, international speaker, podcast host of Copy That Pops, and persuasive writing expert. She helps entrepreneurs to write, self-publish, and leverage bestselling nonfiction books to tell your story, grow your brand + business, and make a bigger impact. For fun, Laura loves… MORE >

Jody Maberry understands the fundamentals of successful business and knows what it takes to create magic /Ep2504

jody-maberry-understands-the-fundamentals-of-successful-business-and-knows-what-it-takes-to-create-magic-ep2504_thumbnail.png Jody Maberry-Jody Maberry: I help thought leaders, executives, and public figures clarify their message and spread their influence by developing a brand strategy and creating powerful content.We work closely together to clarify your message and distribute content through a deliberate marketing strategy where you need to use words to generate more business.I partner with executives… MORE >

Derek Loudermilk teaches people how to become thought leaders and run businesses they can travel the world with /Ep2503

derek-loudermilk-teaches-people-how-to-become-thought-leaders-and-run-businesses-they-can-travel-the-world-with-ep2503_thumbnail.png Derek Loudermilk- Derek Loudermilk : My mission is to help 1 million people lead the most interesting lives imaginable and maximize their contribution by thinking strategically about their careers To that effect I: -Write about and teach skills (like creativity, storytelling, networking) that make us future proof. See my latest book "SuperConductors: Revolutionize Your Career… MORE >

Kevin Martin is an NLP Coach, author, professional speaker, seminar leader,  entrepreneur, and master practitioner of hypnotherapy and NLP /Ep2502

kevin-martin-is-an-nlp-coach-author-living-your-dream-life-professional-speaker-seminar-leader-entrepreneur-and-master-practitioner-of-hypnotherapy-and-nlp-ep2502_thumbnail.png Kevin Martin-  Kevin Martin is an NLP Coach, author (Living Your Dream Life), professional speaker, seminar leader,  entrepreneur, and master practitioner of hypnotherapy and NLP.  Kevin also runs the largest NLP & Hypnosis Meetup in New England, delivering workshops 2-3 times a month for the last 10 years.  Kevin has a passion for helping people.  He discovered years ago that his… MORE >

Build and Protect your BRAND by raising your Level of Influence with Christopher Salem /Ep2501

build-and-protect-your-brand-by-raising-your-level-of-influence-with-christopher-salem-ep2501_thumbnail.png Christopher Salem- Christopher Salem, CEO of CRS Group Holdings, LLC mentors and consults with entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales professionals, and companies overall to build and protect their brands by raising their level of influence as trusted advisors to maximize their results.  This starts from the inside out building your level of influence by shifting from a fixed… MORE >