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Roe Couture DeSaro, award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx speaker…

Roe Couture DeSaro Roe Couture DeSaro Roe Couture DeSaro is an award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx speaker and the go-to expert for leaders to break through their limits and current level of business to create more impact, income and influence without the struggles and sacrifices.Her programs provide unique experiences where you get to transform the way you think about your business,… MORE >

John Hawley, master facilitator who focuses on team-building /Ep2047

John Hawley John Hawley John Hawley is a master facilitator who focuses on team-building and process improvement. He believes the key to company success lies within growing and molding the individual contributor. John breaks through traditional barriers of office politics to enable a team-wide shift to collective and collaborative thinking. He has educated thousands of individuals around the… MORE >

Sterling Snow, VP of Marketing at Divvy-an expense management platform

Sterling Snow Sterling Snow Sterling Snow is the VP of Marketing at Divvy, an expense management platform built to eliminate the headache of end-of-month reporting. The company has been growing rapidly, in fact, the headcount has quadrupled to 140 in under 11 months and they’ve secured $57m in funding. By integrating real-time tracking for every business transaction,… MORE >

Kerstin Cable is the writer and educator behind

Kerstin Cable Kerstin Cable Kerstin Cable is the writer and educator behind, a website helping everyone build a language learning habit.  Kerstin a native German speaker and comes from the beautiful Moselle valley. She studied 6 languages in Germany and then packed them up and moved England, where she added her most recent language crush, Welsh. She is… MORE >

Grant Garrison, born and raised into the Entertainment Industry /Ep2044

Grant Garrison Grant Garrison Grant Garrison: I was born and raised into the Entertainment Industry with amazing parents and Johnny Cash as my Godfather, followed by decades of working years as a Creative Technologist, Multimedia Expert with Multiple Certificates, a BA, 20+ years of Studio and Agency experience.For more than a decade I’ve Production and Creative Designed Movies and Music… MORE >
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