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David Hooper helps individuals and companies build audiences via broadcasting and podcasting /Ep2384

david-hooper-helps-individuals-and-companies-build-audiences-via-broadcasting-and-podcasting-ep2384_thumbnail.png David Hooper- David Hooper is a media marketing expert based in Nashville, TN. He specializes in helping individuals and companies build audiences via broadcasting and podcasting. His latest book is Big Podcast – How To Grow Your Podcast Audience, Build Listener Loyalty, and Get Everybody Talking About Your Show.   What's new? Tell us more about your podcast please.… MORE >

Nadine Nelen: I am a psychic aura reader and healer that cuts through all the blocks and gets results /Ep2383

nadine-nelen-i-am-a-psychic-aura-reader-and-healer-that-cuts-through-all-the-blocks-and-gets-results-ep2383_thumbnail.png Nadine Nelen- Nadine Nelen: My name is Nadine Nelen, born in Belgium and in 2006 I packed to suitcases and moved to Australia (the other side of the world). I wrote a book about my life called Yes I do & I did it. I changed many things around in my life and last but not least I started… MORE >

Bernard Kelvin Clive has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets, authors locally and internationally to self-publish their books /Ep2382

bernard-kelvin-clive-has-offered-consulting-services-to-hundreds-of-writers-poets-authors-locally-and-internationally-to-self-publish-their-books-ep2382_thumbnail.png Bernard Kelvin Clive-   Bernard Kelvin Clive is an Author, Speaker, and Trainer, and Ghana’s foremost authority on Personal Branding and Digital Publishing who hosts the #1 ranked Business & Career Podcast in Ghana/Botswana. A Personal Branding Coach and Brand Strategist at BKC Consulting with over 10 years of experience in digital publishing,Bernard has offered consulting services to hundreds of writers, poets,… MORE >

Sharesz T. Wilkinson is a mentor to various organizations such as The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, UK, , Switzerland and The Rotary Education Fund BKS in Malaysia /Ep2381

sharesz-t-wilkinson-is-a-mentor-to-various-organizations-such-as-the-cherie-blair-foundation-for-women-uk-womenway-org-switzerland-and-the-rotary-education-fund-bks-in-malaysia-ep2381_thumbnail.png Sharesz T. Wilkinson- S.T. Wilkinson is the author of the upcoming book ‘Obstacle Buster ™ - How To Create Big & Bold Shifts For Lifelong Success.’A creative motivator, breakthrough strategist and excellence coach, she receives outstanding international references from top-level professionals.She facilitates breakthroughs for companies and people, often in very prominent positions, achieving instant trust, open… MORE >

Adam Kipnes serves as the Co-Chair of the Phoenix Tour de Cure, a bicycle ride/walk/run that raises over $550,000 annually for diabetes /Ep2380

adam-kipnes-serves-as-the-co-chair-of-the-phoenix-tour-de-cure-a-bicycle-ride-walk-run-that-raises-over-550-000-annually-for-diabetes-ep2380_thumbnail.png Adam Kipnes- Adam Kipnes – Speaker, Author, Podcaster, Marketer, GiverBorn and raised in the Midwest to the pages of  Adam Kipnes has come a long way!Adam Kipnes is recognized as a top marketing strategist and business breakthrough specialist who can show ANY business owner… in less than 45 minutes… how to triple their current number… MORE >

Scott Roberts recognized as one of the biggest authorities in the fiery foods industry /Ep2379

30742525_10157277951653572_3601459810410705363_n Scott Roberts-  Scott Roberts is a Christian writer, columnist, blogger, IT guru, and sometimes voice-over artist whose accomplishments are varied and quirky, yet never without zeal or bravado.Scott was born and raised in Missouri and still resides in the St. Louis metro area. He is a follower of Jesus Christ, attends and serves in a non-denominational… MORE >

Adrian Sealey is the Founder & Managing Director at Ez Buy Int Ltd and Co-founder & Executive Director at Ryu Dan Dojo Youth Empowerment Centre /Ep2378

adrian-sealey-is-the-founder-and-managing-director-at-ez-buy-int-ltd-and-co-founder-and-executive-director-at-ryu-dan-dojo-youth-empowerment-centre-ep2378_thumbnail.png Adrian Sealey- Adrian Sealey: I'm the founder and managing director of Ez Buy Int Ltd and both the Cofounder and senior instructor at Ryu Dan Dojo- Youth Empowerment Centre which is a registered NGO that utilizes Martial Arts as a vehicle of holistic development. You can visit my website where you can buy, sell or advertise… MORE >