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Jeremy Slate helps business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, founders and CEO’s share their story to connect with the audience and become the leaders in their niche /Ep2547

jeremy-slate-helps-business-leaders-entrepreneurs-professionals-founders-and-ceo-s-share-their-story-to-connect-with-the-audience-and-become-the-leaders-in-their-niche-ep2547_thumbnail.png Jeremy Slate- Jeremy Slate: I have loved podcasting, its a truly life-changing medium. I've listened since about 2009, when it was still difficult to find the shows you loved. In 2015, I took the plunge and started the Create Your Own Life Podcast, it was life-changing. I took that platform and am helping others to… MORE >

Chloë Thomas solves eCommerce Marketing Problems from how to increase new customer acquisition, to improving the performance of email marketing newsletters /Ep2546

chlo-s-thomas-solves-ecommerce-marketing-problems-from-how-to-increase-new-customer-acquisition-to-improving-the-performance-of-email-marketing-newsletters-ep2546_thumbnail.png Chloe Thomas- Best selling Author, International Speaker, and host of both the eCommerce MasterPlanPodcast and Virtual Summit. Chloë is one of the Top 50 UK influencers in eCommerce and Shipping (Scurri 2019), and the podcast is regularly included in lists of the top eCommerce & marketing podcasts in the world. Chloë Thomas has been in… MORE >

Karen Rowe is the owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full service writing firm /Ep2545

karen-rowe-is-the-owner-of-front-rowe-seat-a-full-service-writing-firm-ep2545_thumbnail.png Karen Rowe- A #1 International Bestselling author, Karen Rowe is the owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full-service writing firm. She is an expert in nonfiction and can help you position yourself as a Leading Authority in your niche. Karen develops professionally written and designed books, done-for-you. Her clients include an actor, a retired FBI… MORE >

Paula Slater writes her own personal development book and an online course called, “The Seven Building Blocks To Happiness” /Ep2544

paula-slater-writes-her-own-personal-development-book-and-an-online-course-called-the-seven-building-blocks-to-happiness-ep2544_thumbnail.png Paula Slater- Paula Slater's career began as the Assistant Front Desk Manager at a well-known Jewish resort and country club in New York's southern tier region. After working as a travel agent, tour escort and in various other capacities within the travel and tourism industry she relocated in 1992 to Las Vegas, Nevada, where her… MORE >

Pat Duckworth helps women at mid-life whose life and mission is being disrupted by menopause symptoms /Ep2543

pat-duckworth-helps-women-at-mid-life-whose-life-and-mission-is-being-disrupted-by-menopause-symptoms-ep2543_thumbnail.png Pat Duckworth- Pat Duckworth is a midlife mentor, author and international public speaker. After over 30 years working in the public and voluntary sector at a senior management level, Pat discovered her entrepreneurial mojo in her mid-50s and retrained as a therapist and coach. Since then she has published three books. Pat’s fourth book, ‘Hot… MORE >

Rohan Chaubey is Most Followed Growth Hacker, Best Selling Author of “The Growth Hacking Book” and Founder Growth Media /Ep2542

rohan-chaubey-is-most-followed-growth-hacker-best-selling-author-of-the-growth-hacking-book-and-founder-growth-media-ep2542_thumbnail.png Rohan Chaubey- Rohan Chaubey is the international bestselling author of the award-winning book "The Growth Hacking Book". His book is endorsed by Amitabh Kant, CEO and Director, NITI Aayog, Government of India. Twitter and IBM’s partner product Audiense ranks Rohan as India’s most-followed Growth Hacker. He co-founded International Growth Hacking Day on July 13th, 2019. He also had the… MORE >

Kristen Darcy is a noted author, fertility coach, divorce expert and coach, and speaker on the emotional toxicity of both infertility and divorce recovery /Ep2541

kristen-darcy-is-a-noted-author-fertility-coach-divorce-expert-and-coach-and-speaker-on-the-emotional-toxicity-of-both-infertility-and-divorce-recovery-ep2541_thumbnail.png Kristen Darcy- . While there is an ample supply of medical experts who offer advice and information to the millions across the nation who experience infertility each year, few can address the mental and emotional crisis known all too well by women who are being medically treated for infertility. This is where Kristen stepped in.Kristen… MORE >