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Rob Deptford

Rob Deptford is an online course instructor and career management coach based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He teaches strategies and tools to navigate the modern world of precarious work and enjoys coaching people through career advancement and transition.

Rob spent 12 years working in the Canadian post-secondary education system in roles that included marketing, communications, student recruitment and coaching. His last post-secondary role saw him helping to grow faculty of engineering enrolment applications to record levels and coaching young engineering leaders before his position was eliminated.

While taking formal training in life coaching during his work gap, Rob made connections with people who turned out to be future colleagues when he was asked to join a talent management firm to help with outplacement and career transition coaching. He drew on his own job loss experience in combination with life coaching, career development and post-secondary advising to help more than 300 clients prepare to compete for their next job, pursue entrepreneurship, or transition to retirement.

As the husband of a busy dental assistant, and a parent of two active boys, Rob has an intimate understanding of the pressures of managing both career and life commitments and helps create solutions for fulfillment in all important areas of life.

Despite being an introvert, Rob loves public speaking and uses skills learned in broadcasting school to deliver with a calm but powerful presence you can easily notice in his social media videos and online course instruction. He talks with audiences of all sizes as though he’s talking with a friend sitting right next to him.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Journalism from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia, a broadcasting diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta and a coaching certificate from Erickson Coaching International in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a member of the International Coach Federation.




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