155:Executive Chef/Owner of Lisa Marie’s Taste&See Gourmets

155:Executive Chef/Owner of Lisa Marie’s Taste&See Gourmets

Lisa Marie-

Lisa Marie’s Executive Chef/Owner of Lisa Marie’s Taste&See Gourmets As interesting as life may have it, I graduated from Southern University in New Orleans (1991) with a major in Engineering Technology, during the Gulf War Crisis.

There was a decline on job availability for Engineer. So I’ve never worked in the field of Engineering after college, but started a very successful career path in Pharmaceutical Sales and Medical Device Sales for nearly 20 + years. After Katrina my company relocated me to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and within 10 months there was a national lay-off and I was without a job for the 1 st time in over 20 years.

Very few companies were hiring individuals who relocated to Texas from New Orleans. Leaving me unemployed for 10 months.

In a nutshell all of the following events to took place, between 2007 – 2010, before I began enjoying my true potential and passions.

  • Obtaining a Real Estate License – The Real Estate Market Crashed
  • Hired by Countrywide Home Services – 3 Months Later another lay-off.
  • Hired by United Healthcare – Obtained a Life & Health Insurance Licensed – 3 years later another Lay-Off.

3 National Lay-Offs in 4 years – Unbelievable, but it’s what motivated me to use the gifts and talents that were given to me by God. Just think I was already equipped with tools for success that were not being utilized. FYI: Back in 1995 God spoke to me about a Personal Chef/Catering Business and gave it the name of “Taste&See”.

Unfortunately my spouse at that time was not very supportive of the business, so it took a back burner for nearly 20 years. After my final lay-off with United Healthcare I was done with corporate America.

Lisa Marie

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