Tamara Mon Louis is a Renowned Digital Marketing Strategist and Business Developer /Ep2771

Tamara Mon Louis is a renowned digital marketing strategist and business developer. She has helped grow multi-million dollar businesses in the hospitality, travel, healthcare and education sector for the past 15 years.

She developed digital marketing strategies to grow brands such as Hilton Worldwide, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Pearson Education. Born in Trinidad (Belmont Port of Spain) Tamara attended St Francois Girls College. Upon graduation, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Rutgers University. Sighting an opportunity created by the revolutionary effect of the Internet on the business world, she decided to enhance her competency in marketing by completing a certification in Multimedia Design and Digital Marketing at New York University.

Her vast experience of digital marketing and knowledge of the business world is garnered through collaborations with business executives in diverse fields. Tamara leveraged that experience and knowledge and founded Monivan Digital Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing agency that focuses on  businesses across the Caribbean and in the U.S.; she serves as the Executive Director of Digital Strategy. Tamara is passionate about helping businesses to grow into mega-business through the use of proven digital marketing strategies. Through her and her Team’s efforts, she has recorded immense success for Noene America, Azalea Health Services, My Sister’s Keeper Initiative Trinidad, and D’ Market Movers to mention a few.

Tamara believes in keeping abreast of trends in the industry, for her team to be effective and constantly provide her clients with top services. Under her oversight, Monivan Digital is fast establishing a record of outstanding commitment in helping clients to identify new opportunities, build an online presence, foster engagement and building loyalty with their customers.

Her greatest motivation is seeing her client’s business revenue and services expand beyond their own expectations.

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