1896:Jeffrey Lodick is owner of Change Your Forecast LLC

1896:Jeffrey Lodick is owner of Change Your Forecast LLC

Jeffrey Lodick

Jeffrey Lodick-

Jeffrey Lodick: Dreams happen quickly, only while you are sleeping. In life, dreams are possible with work, education, and experience. I will break down the walls that stop you from unlocking your full potential. Experienced leader with only one thing in mind, you! From serving at senior levels of the Army to opening “Change Your Forecast, LLC” I give the tools needed to create a road map to success and the follow through needed in order to accomplish the goals set.

A forecast is a prediction of things to come, typically used in weather or when speaking about the stock market. Change Your Forecast, LLC was created to give an individual the AUTHORITY and PERMISSION to change what has, in many cases, been predetermined for them and create their own future. Change Your Forecast is a leadership consulting group that focuses on corporations, small business, athletes, parents and students. We concentrate on effective and confident communication, accountability and goal setting/achieving techniques. We are not only leadership coaches, but we also provide our clients with the tools to be that effective leader that he or she desires at whatever stage of the game they may be at. This is attained through positive reinforcement and the basic understanding that we all have choices to make and we should learn from them all, good or bad.

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