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Lauren Kay Wyatt


International Speaker, Lauren Kay Wyatt is the founder of Love Renegades, a coaching company that helps soul-driven, self-aware, and intelligent people create and grow relationships that reflect their most empowered and healed selves.

Since 2012, Lauren has worked directly with hundreds of individuals to heal their hearts, reconnect with their spiritual power, and break the laws of love™, a Love Renegades term for identifying and dismantling fear-based patterns, unplugging from “other people’s advice,” and instead using with your heart and truth to create and grow romantic relationship – something most struggle to do – irrespective of their profession, title, or earnings.

Through her work as a love psychic, coach, and illusion dismantler, Lauren has witnessed clients step into worthiness and create abundance of love for themselves, in their romantic partnerships, and in other parts of their lives.


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