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#12minconvos podcast journal with Engel Jones Day 12

The Goal 

1001 #12minconvos in 12 weeks starting from January 12th to April 2019 , with AMAZING people from all over the world.

What happened on
Day 12?

Random Thoughts
Truly time begins and ends, to begin and end. This morning I had one person scheduled for the #12minconvos podcast at 5:15am. He cancelled during the night. Amanda looked at my calendar at some point while I was asleep so when I awoke she gently told me, "You could rest a bit longer your guest cancelled".

My begining statement of time in the above text came about as I attended one of my co-workers mother's funeral today. During the funeral ceremony I reflected on time and purpose. 

Today is Day 12 of my conversational journey. Certainly a significant benchmark as it represents 1 out of 7 segments completed. I am thankful for I have begun. 

Who did you connect with on the evening?

After a day's work I got home chilled with Amanda for a bit, got the boys to bed and then prepped for the following #12minconvos. 

1) Monique Russel, Executive Communications Coach | Emotional Intelligence | Helping Women Leaders Gain Clarity & Confidence. Monique is located in Georgia however she is originally from The Bahamas. Having a conversation with my Caribbean neighbour was so much fun that we ran a bit over our scheduled time. Monique was connected to me by the AMAZING Heneka Watkis-Porter. More to come on her #12minconvos podcast #2074. Sneek Peek - Her favourite song at 14 can be listened to here.

2) Lisa Duerre, Coaching leaders to achieve exceptional results and satisfaction at work and in life. Super, super super fun conversation. A coach that carries a space as Lisa is to be noted. Be on the lookout for her. I believe she is going to go really, really far, really fast in all of her hearts' desires. Lisa was connected to me by the AMAZING Angelique Beauregard. More to come on Lisa's #12minconvos podcast #2075 when released. Sneek Peek -Her favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

What was your biggest takeaway? 

Both Monique & Lisa shared a similar type earliest childhood memory of being on a stage and performing in front of others.
If you missed Day 11, click HERE!

Actual Recorded
12th - 18th January
96.9 %
19th - 25th January


26th - 1st February
2nd - 8th February
9th - 15th February
16th - 22nd February
23rd - 1st March
2nd - 8th March
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Engel Jones

I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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