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Caribbean Podcaster...What's 12minRVconvos?

12-minRVconvos is an extension of my podcast 12minconvos with Engel Jones available on iTunes and Google Play. This is the name we came up for our mission, to drive across the US ?? and Canada ?? in 12 weeks, interviewing 1001 past podcast guests, exploring the power of a conversation as a Caribbean podcaster. I thought I had it figured out. It would be simple. In 12 days I would raise US$48,000.

Think about it here with me. I interviewed 1987 guests on my podcast. If each podcast guest donated US$24 we would raise US$47,688 which would cover the RV? rental, gas, food, tolls, rv parks, recording equipment etc. This would have been  most ideal for the crew. The planned crew for this mission would have been my wife, Amanda, our two sons, Jahaziel, Amaziah, 8 and 4 respectively and one of our friends from Virginia, Ryan Dean. (Click here for more on this Caribbean podcaster goals achieved).

We raised US$3,947.50 in 12 days, 8% of the inital goal.

Great time to GIVE UP !!!! !!!! !!!!

Why didn't we give up? 

There is a leading that has developed over time that I am learning to follow. An inner voice that's hard to explain because it is a voice only I can hear. The voice that speaks to what you can accomplish when others say you can't. The voice that urges you to get up and do it again, to follow through, to show up. I heard that voice say do not give up.
Therefore, given the situation we began to do the next best thing. Course Correction.
We came up with the following options :-

  • Amanda and I could go without the children
  • We could substitute the RV for a rental car
  • We could sleep in the car
  • Which option?

    Amanda suggested that I do it by myself. She believed this was something I should do. She was willing to sacrifice not being there. To her, it was more important that this caribbean podcaster fulfill his dream. This is where my mother came to the rescue a second time in this story?‍♀️.  Her first input of support was given during my 12-day campaign when she pledged US$500 of her savings. She believed as well that this was something I had to do.  Her second input was when she offered us to take care of our children for 90 days. 

    How did we feel then?

    I felt excited.  This was actually happening. We spoke with Amanda's parents asking them if they would be willing to keep the boys on the weekend and they said yes as well. Understanding the energy levels of our sons, we calculated that this would have provided a much-needed break for both grandparents. This was a plan that we could feel safe with. Next, the question of money ?

    How would we afford it?

    combination of the money raised and ours.  Added to that Ryan was working on other ways that we could save. His planning and support was an integral part of us getting this far. We planned to use the money we raised to rent an SUV for the 90 day period and use our savings to finance the rest. The SUV rental for the period would cost US$2895.37. Our airline tickets from Trinidad and Tobago to Florida just about US$725 / TT$4,979.94. 

    Where is Trinidad?

    Trinidad and Tobago ?? is located east of Venezuela. The flight as shown below is just about 12 minutes less than 4 hours. I was born there on August, 17th 1983 and I have lived in Trinidad all my life. Tobago is the sister isle of Trinidad. Both islands have one government. 

    The thoughts of Amanda...

    Amanda Jones
    I must admit when Engel first pitched to me the idea of a Caribbean podcaster taking his podcast ‘on the road’ I wasn’t one hundred percent thrilled. My personality usually leans on the side of caution and stability. To me, this was the ultimate destabilizer to our planned livelihood. The longest we had ever been away on travel was two weeks. What would twelve weeks look like? Fear of the unknown started to rear its head and I gave it a voice.

    In one of my recent reads, the author, Jon Gordon makes reference to the fact that fear and faith have one thing in common- "they both believe in a future that hasn’t happened as yet". One however believes in a negative future while the other believes in a positive future.  Engel chose to exercise the belief in a positive future-faith. His faith was greater than my fears and he openheartedly asked for me to believe in his vision.

    After countless discussion on all  the what ifs, buts or maybes, I decided to fully immerse myself in Engel’s quest to explore the power of a conversation. Only after this mutual agreement could the real planning begin.

    To say it was a lot, is a true understatement to the whirlwind of things that were taking place.

    Nevertheless, a departure date was eventually set and onwards was our movement.

    What happened next?

    We are packed and off on our flight to the United States of America accompanied by our friend Alicia. We will arrive on the 11th of June. Ryan Dean has strategically planned the logistics for the journey and is flying in from Virginia to meet us in Florida to prepare for our launch date on June 12th, 2018.

    What happens next on arrival could not have been planned.  

    We are faced with an obstacle on arriving at the airport. Follow us to the next day where we will share more.

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    Engel Jones

    I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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