884: Gerhard Paasche was born in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania, where the African violet came from


Gerhard Paasche-

Gerhard Paasche was born in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania, where the African violet came from. I spent the first ten years of my life with my three sibling and parents in Moshi at the foothills of the Kilimanjaro. Growing up in that place and that time was very different from the western world. At age 10 we returned to Germany and looking back it was truly a culture shock, especially looking at the emotional side. I always have been interested in airplanes from early age and ended up getting involved with aviation as well.

My journey has taken me along an engineering route, visiting different places all around the world including Russia, many places in Europe, China, Africa and Nicaragua. I truly see myself as an earthling rather than as a African, German or American. Getting involved with model airplanes in my early teens and learning how to fly real airplanes as well is a passion. Another passion that have developed is dancing that to me is a language of it’s own, as there is no need for verbal communication when engaging in it. I had and continue to have great times and get to meet great people I get to know along the way. In 1999 I ended up here in Scappoose, OR where I worked for Oregon Aero for 17 years acquiring further knowledge and inspiration, preparing me for the next chapter in life.

I worked for 17 years as a research and Development engineer contributing in various ways to the company and society. My gift for being able to find new solutions to various challenges in the technical interface to the human body world led me to becoming very knowledgeable about body mechanics. Understanding how the body mechanics can influence people in their daily life, causing harm and pain as well as pleasure is a knowledge that is what I feel has become the gift that I need to bring to the people who are ready and need it.

Body, Mind and Spirit are inseparable in my world, so it takes deliberate intentions to move on in life at all three levels. Having said that, it begins with – that I am fully responsible for all outcomes in my life. My past actions and in-actions have created and continue to create my here and now. Yesterday can not be changed, so learn from it and forget about the rest. Future is tomorrow and I have no control over it either, so forget about it as well. Only the here and now counts as I move along in life.

My daily choices are therefore very important. I have not only choices in what I do but also I have a choice of how I value experiences as positive, indifferent or negative. The beliefs and rules that I built or accepted over the years are the limitations that I put on myself and are reflected in fears and habits. So fear tells me where to go and it is up to me to overcome them. Failure is my guidance system that leads me on the path of my success to achieve the best that I can be. When I have no fear from anything or anyone, then I have no limitations and I can do anything I desire.

I am finding clarity for my path to fulfill my true purpose to bring my gifts to those that need them. I want to get my business profitable to support my future endeavors and the ability to learn more and continue to expand on my knowledge. I want to share it through different modalities such as Internet through websites and webinars, as well as live events all around the world. I want to be able to support family and friends who are in need as well as support causes such as CAI (Central Asia Institute) who build schools to, as the first order educate girls in the third world.


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