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Veronica Ray-

Veronica Ray is the founder and chief number-cruncher at Jigsaw & Associates. She attributes her success to faith in God and loves every minute of this divinely-orchestrated adventure. Veronica has an amazing way of connecting with people. Going beyond the numbers, she contributes real-world value through meaningful relationships and professional service. She is convinced real results come from understanding you — the business owner — and not just your business.

Her personal mission is to help you, and other entrepreneurs like you, properly structure each business and build financially solid companies from day one. She also provides business owners first class financial services without the pricetag you get with other large firms. She understands your success is ongoing and offers monthly support training. Veronica’s training tool box includes a wealth of information chosen specifically to help you obtain your goals and sustain growing profit margins. Your success is her success and she goes the extra mile to give you what you need to make it happen.

When she is not working alongside her superstar team, she loves to spend time with her children and granddaughter. She also generously donates her time to several local companies  and serves on the board of one of her favorite local non-profit organizations.

She stays relevant and maintains top certifications as a Xero Certified Advisor, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, and as a Certified Professional Bookkeeper.


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