1912:Aliya Janjua, a devoted leader of over 17 years in the Fin Tech ...

1912:Aliya Janjua a devoted leader of over 17 years in the Fin Tech industry

Aliya Janjua-

Aliya Janjua: I am a devoted leader of over 17 years in the Fin Tech industry, specializing in customer service. I have led an impactful search for new tools for leadership development and implemented programs that illuminate paths for advancement. Learning is a lifelong passion of mine and I am constantly pursuing knowledge to empower my teams. Through managing over several customer support teams spanning the Advent product suite and developing global systems at Advent, I’ve nurtured my belief that growth is found outside of the comfort zone.

Ultimately, mentorship is my greater purpose- within my professional work and beyond. I believe that education is a right not a privilege and that everyone should have equal opportunity no matter where there are in the globe. Through my mentorship work in She-CAN and TechWomen, I witness each day that small steps make a lasting impact.

Thus, the fusion of my focus in leadership and mentorship has led me to launch my podcast series called “Confessions of Successful Asian Women”. The podcast helps connect the communities of those who lead similar journeys, provide candid career advice, and offer an intimate space to share unique experiences. My hope is that this platform, my leadership, and mentorship work, will all serve to connect, share and inspire women to dream bigger.

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