352: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Travis Collier

352: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Travis Collier

Travis Collier-

Travis Collier is originally from Georgia. After graduating high school, he got an huge culture shock by attending the US Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut. Travis has been assigned across the country in many iconic places: New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, California, and now, New Orleans.

Not following a standard career track, Travis has spent his career immersed in the Coast Guard’s military training system. He holds a Master’s in Instructional & Performance Technology from Boise State University, has trained over 650 foreign nationals in 19 nations, led three of the US Coast Guard’s apprentice training programs (including the Coast Guard’s culinary training program), and helped develop small boat engineering and coxswain training programs for the Republic of Georgia Coast Guard.

Travis returned from deployment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2015, where he developed a comprehensive training system to help the Kingdom train and equip a new 5,000 soldier, critical infrastructure protection force. He provided invaluable assistance assigning the first 1000 soldiers, and helped develop a 20-week commissioning course to establish the force’s first units.

Travis is currently as a commercial vessel inspector and port state control officer, assigned in the Port of New Orleans. He has been awarded three Coast Guard Commendation Medals, with Operational Distinguishing Device.


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