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Georgia Woodbine- 

Georgia Woodbine: She is one of the world’s leading authorities in personal and professional development and has helped to motivate and inspire an entire generation.  She is widely known as a change agent, author, lifestyle transformation coach and dynamic and entertaining speaker. She has been featured in media outlets such as; The Daily News, Huffington Post, Rolling Out Magazine, Sirius Radio XM. She created curriculum and lectured at The Learning Annex, one of the premier producers of seminars, lectures, classes, and workshops throughout North America.  She has also been a guest speaker at Time Warner Cable, Columbia University, Stony Brook University, Rutgers University, Howard University, Medgar Evers College, Monroe College, Georgian Court University, as well as a long list of other network organizations. She has authored several books and has over fifteen years of entrepreneurial business success as well as an extensive marketing background working in the entertainment industry with; Def Jam, PolyGram, WNYU Radio, WQHT-Hot 97, Black Enterprise Magazine, and the Apollo Theatre where she honed her management, promotions, and marketing skills. She created and developed curriculum based on her book How to Choose Your Career Path: Charting Your Success and lectured at numerous school districts and colleges to help prepare students with employment tools and life skills.  She has been a life coach for over thirteen years and has trained and coached hundreds of people.  In love with life, she enjoys being an empowerment advocate for others to find their true purpose. She captures her audiences with her message of hope, inspiration and the power of intention. Her passion continues to touch countless souls in their pursuit of happiness.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:28]
What part of the world are you in right now? [00:40]
Which of your talents is responsible for us connecting? [00:49]
Who did you learn being a change agent? [01:18]
Where is the best place for someone to connect with you? [04:55]
What is one thing you’ve done consistently over the last 3 years? [05:17]
How does it make you feel looking back? [06:29]
What’s your earliest childhood memory? [07:53]
What was your favorite song when you were twelve years old? [08:59]
Declaration time – [09:17]


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