822:Alicia Rodriguez says I consider myself a storyteller in the tradition of the cantadoras of the past

Alicia Rodriguez-

Alicia Rodriguez says, first and foremost I consider myself a storyteller in the tradition of the cantadoras of the past, slyly hiding life lessons in stories filled with humor, irony and a look at the human condition through the eyes of a cosmic observer.

I’ve been writing since I was ten years old, a rebellious act against the teachers who only saw a little girl of some foreign origin and assumed that there was nothing of value there.
My heart has always been in prose and poetry, the language that dances to the music of the soul. Because of its universal nature I have been drawn to travel indulging an insatiable curiosity about our common experience as human beings, lived differently yet still connected like drops in some universal ocean.

Ever since I can remember I have had extraordinary visions, daydreams and whispers coming to me from some unknown yet familiar place. We call that intuition today. I call that wisdom and it is my greatest gift. It took me years to embrace it and hold it lightly.

I’ve been called names, but not nasty ones. Warrior, sage, alchemist and poet are my favorites.


I’ve been on a spiritual quest my entire life seeking connection with the divine through Nature, sacred spaces, reflection and adventure. I’m fascinated by questions, not the obvious ones, but the ones that lie buried beneath the surface calling to be explored. I agree with Rilke when he said,

“…be patient towards all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves…” 

I am the one that loves the questions and have developed the fearlessness to ask them out loud. Everything I do is because of the questions I keep asking.

As an author and a writer I contribute my insights and share stories that inspire and connect. My stories awaken the longing within and replace it with the courage to act on your dreams. My first book, EveryDay Epiphanies: Insights for Living with Purpose is a series of essays and, of course, stories, based on client interactions and my own adventures exploring the world out there and reflecting on my world within. Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You: More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days is a book full of daily inspirations and intentional practices that can be read while you have your morning coffee, starting your day with focus and inspiration. I am currently working on my third book, a memoir based on my adventures in Ecuador, titled The Shaman’s Wife: A Story of Love and Self-Discovery. Stay tuned for that. If you’re really curious, here is the Prologue and first chapter (unedited) of my work in progress.

As a facilitator and speaker I inspire my audiences to expand their perspectives and open to new possibilities in their lives. I revel in sitting around the virtual campfire telling stories that stir the soul and clarify the truth for you so you can see your place in the world with fresh eyes.  Epiphanies are my specialty.

As a mentor I am a catalyst for transformation, supporting those who seek personal evolution through the deep exploration of the sacred and the wisdom to manifest conscious shifts that improve your life in the here and now. I have over twenty years of experience working with visionary leaders, executive women, creative and social entrepreneurs and change agents. I believe that powerful and effective leadership begins with personal awareness and intentional development as a human being. Your title doesn’t impress me. I care deeply, however, for your soul. I firmly believe that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience and this belief provides the lens through which I do my work with you.

As a conscious entrepreneur I recognize that the more I give the greater impact I can have.  Our project in Ecuador contributes to our local community through work opportunities, education and community service. My partner, who is an Andean Wisdom Keeper and a trained psychologist, and I have created a sacred space in Ecuador aptly named Oasis based on the concept of convivencia – to live with or to be in community with. We designed Oasis as an invitation to come home to yourself whenever you need to dig deeper into the unresolved questions of your life. When you come stay with us, you are nurtured in spirit, body and mind while we support you in your personal inquiry.

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