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  • 605:Thembi Bheka is a real estate investor, mentor and a member of the prestigious REIN.

Thembi Bheka-

Thembi Bheka is a real estate investor, mentor and a member of the prestigious REIN. She is the founder of Real Estate Real Riches, an education platform that educates, inspires and empowers aspiring individuals to invest in real estate based on proven strategies. Thembi has been featured in the Real Estate Investment Network magazine, been a panelist to many real estate events. She is a sought after expert in creative strategies of real estate investing that include lease options and Seller Financing.

Her passion lies in giving back to the community through charity work, and conducting free real estate seminars to immigrants. As a mentor at the Kelowna Community Resource center, she has shared a lot of knowledge to new immigrants about real estate. You can connect with Thembi through her website at http://www.realestaterealriches.com or follow her on twitter @investorthembi

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