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Rocky Lalvani-

Rocky Lalvani: My story is a little different than those of most financial experts. I spent my working career outside of the financial industry because I didn’t like the products and advice they were providing and didn’t feel comfortable recommending them to others. During my working career, I built my wealth through old-fashion savings and investing. I grew up as an immigrant to the United States after my parents immigrated from India. They were only allowed to bring $25 with them and had to start over in life. While growing up, it was normal for all the parents to have conversations about money. How much things cost, how much they spent, and how much people earned. We observed the way they were making wise decisions, and the community quickly achieved financial success. I never realized this wasn’t how everyone else talked about money. I learned most people don’t talk about money and are more likely to share their sex lives than their money story.

Once I achieved my financial goals, I had the time and space to think about how could I provide value to help people with their financials in a way I felt was honorable and in line with my core values. I learned that many small business owners were not looking at their financial reports, and more importantly, they were scared of them! I was dumbfounded. How can you be in business and not understand the business, I asked?
The big aha came when I learned about Profit First and how it could help business owners ensure their financial success. Putting profit first was the same principle as pay yourself first, which was how I amassed wealth. I finally found a way that I could help business owners succeed in alignment with my values. Learn more at ProfitComesFirst.com

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