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Autumn McKenzie

Autumn McKenzie loves a challenge. She is a former Division I student-athlete at Colgate University with a concentration in Neuroscience.  Most notably, she leads her team to win back to back Conference Championships and first ever appearance of a Colgate’s Women’s team in the NCAA.  In 2015, Colgate retired her volleyball jersey.

She obtained her Masters in Health Science and Physician Assistant training at Duke University.  Currently, she practices at Johns Hopkins Emergency Department. In 2015, she was recognized by the Johns Hopkins Nursing and Magnet Committee as the Johns Hopkins Hospital Emergency Medicine Outstanding Provider of the Year.    

She was married to an exceptional man and raising two incredible girls while balancing a full time career.  Her future could not have been any brighter when her life was broad sided by tragedy.  Her husband was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and died in 2014.

Struck by the brevity of life and her own mortality, in February 2017 she launched her blog.  She is compelled to share her story with the world because of the love and grace that enabled her to not only begin again, but to live boldly. 

 She writes about real life as it relates to busy professionals balancing a career and life while being cognizant of time and purpose. Her blogs highlight optimism and deconstruct the obstacles that stand in the way of living boldly. 

 She is writing a book about pursuing life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait!  Autumn McKenzie lives in Maryland with her two little girls.  She travels frequently while modeling a bold life for her two little girls.  She posts travel and life pictures to instagram. Like her life, this blog is a work in progress.



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