1115:Sebastien Cagnon is helping his clients join the social robot revolution.


Sebastien Cagnon

Sebastien Cagnon holds a Master of Engineering from French Ecole Centrale Paris (2010) and a Master of Robotics from the University of Tokyo (2012).

Sebastien arrived in Tokyo in 2009 to study robotics. After creating computer vision software during his master, he joined Aldebaran Robotics and Softbank Mobile to create the Pepper robot. He played a key role to help the Japanese teams understand and master the robot Pepper until its launch in June 2014.

His main contribution was to create prototypes to showcase the new technologies in Pepper, and test real-life scenarios that would help decide how to actually use Pepper at launch.

From there, Sebastien supported the sales team to create business solutions on Nao for big clients (MUFG bank, HIS hotels…) or train international clients IT teams (in Thailand, South Korea, Australia).

After helping the creation of Smart Robotics, a startup dedicated to create business solutions on social robots, Sebastien decided to start his very own venture: Kokorobot. Using his unique experience in human-robot interaction, Sebastien is helping his clients join the social robot revolution.

Visit http://kokorobot.com to know more.

Sebastien is also a regular speaker at community events: Union des Français de l’Etranger, Chamber of Commerce, Insert Coin (gaming event), International Robot Exhibition, University of Luxembourg…

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