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Paula Slater-

Paula Slater’s career began as the Assistant Front Desk Manager at a well-known Jewish resort and country club in New York’s southern tier region. After working as a travel agent, tour escort and in various other capacities within the travel and tourism industry she relocated in 1992 to Las Vegas, Nevada, where her work in tourism eventually encompassed special event planning and execution.  A knack for sales led to cold-call marketing for a large destination management company where she eventually assumed the position of Director of Marketing.  Each of these positions required a variety of responsibilities including customer service; administrative and secretarial functions; bookkeeping; staff development and training; marketing; public relations; advertising; budgeting; extensive computer use; and public speaking. IIn 2001 she partnered with a close friend and together they started their own marketing and Public relations agency, Spotlight Creative, but the partnership dissolved in less than a year. Eventually, Paula began working for one of her former clients as an employee in addition to being self-employed as a marketing and special events consultant. Then after losing her husband in a fatal work-related accident, a year later she started her own business in April of 2007 because she needed a new life. So, that’s what she called the company – New Life Now, LLC. Her current corporation is an umbrella company where she writes/ blogs about problem solving solutions(NewLifeNowLV.com) that educates people on the benefits of utilizing the 4 different direct sales product lines that she acts as a representative to: Sendoutcards.com/PScards (a greeting card and gifts company); BEMER (a medical device company); DoTERRA Essential Oils ( holistic health company); and World Ventures (a travel/vacation company). She is currently writing her own personal development book and an online course called, “The Seven Building Blocks To Happiness”, which is scheduled launched in early of 2020 all done from her home office in spite of her post-stroke left-sided paralysis while sitting in her electric wheelchair. #PSProblemSolved

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:51]
What’s the latest? What’s going on in your world? [02:08]
On “80% of success is showing up” [02:40]
How’s Ponder with Paula going? [03:32]
How much in life is it necessary to have that type of preparation to serve? [04:40]
On leading by example, it’s starts with you. [05:55]
How do you have a conversation with death? [07:45]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [09:24]

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