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Nancy Vahling


Nancy Vahling has been teaching yoga and guiding meditations since 2006. Nancy was a former US Navy Cryptology Technician and is currently a graphic artist for the grocery chain Kroger. Nancy has been trained and certified in Past Life Regression and Voice Dialog. She has been doing professional psychic readings for well over the past ten years and has started hosting a Podcast called Imagine Akasha.

Being sensitive or empathic Nancy has been very attuned and aware of the energies around her since a very young age, but mostly, did not understand the strange experiences she had, until she started to guide people thru readings and tuning into their natural abilities. Nancy has an understanding, non-judgmental approach to her practice and has seen countless lives shift. She wants the best for you and will often encourage you out of your comfort zone. Your life is imagined, imagine something beyond your wildest dreams!



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