Aidan Coughlan: I host The Aidan Project Podcast which looks at a...)

1669:Aidan Coughlan is host of The Aidan Project Podcast which looks at a multitude of topics…

Aidan Coughlan-

Aidan Coughlan: I host The Aidan Project Podcast which looks at a multitude of topics, but honest discussion of current events is the Project‘s raison d’être. Above all, I am seeking to facilitate honest debate and to provide analysis in the very same spirit. I am also passionate about history and culture. This gives me a large remit for potential exploration.

I live in the East of England and began podcasting – not that it was called this until much later – in the late 1990’s. Back then, I
produced short audio shows on entertainment, mostly for an American audience. I also became involved in amateur radio around this time. However, other pursuits took me away from the microphone for many years.

In the 2010’s, I passionately began to feel that I had something to say, or perhaps more precisely, a duty to say it. I felt that there
were – and are – debates in the public sphere that many people, not least my fellow liberals, were not being entirely forthcoming about. I toyed with the idea of launching a podcast for a long time. Eventually, I found – or made – the time. I am glad I did.

My influences as a commentator include George Orwell and Christopher Hitchens. The latter was greatly influenced by the former.  I believe we owe it to each other to seek common ground, even if this requires difficult conversations along the way.

Away from my work on the world wide web, I am vegan (I am duty bound by the law of veganism to tell you this), straight edge and atheist. Whenever possible, I pursue my innumerable fitness goals, which, perhaps by design, are always slightly out of reach.

My podcast is available via all major podcast services and at You can find me on Twitter at

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