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Peter Hug-

Peter Hug is the Director of Global Trade for Kitco Metals Inc. Peter has been involved in the precious metals industry since 1974. He speaks to thousands of viewers each week on Kitco News, drawing on years of frontline experience to provide a trader’s perspective on the market. Mr Hug contributes daily commentary and market insightsfor the millions of readers visiting Kitco.com each month.

A frequent speaker at precious metals conferences and in the financial media, Peter is one of a handful of experts who have succeeded through multiple bull and bear cycles using skills honed during the dramatic fluctuations of the 1980s. Prior to joining Kitco, Mr Hug served as Senior Vice

President at Guardian Trust Company, now a part of Laurentian Bank, which became one of the largest international trading houses for precious metals. Mr. Hug developed the first precious metals certificate program and the first margin trading accounts for metals on the cash market.


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