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Craig Wyman-

Craig Wyman is the Co-Founder of First Nature, a firm that helps business leaders and their teams to radically improve synergy, performance and create breakthrough results.

In 15 years of corporate strategy consulting and management, Craig noticed and personally experienced the full gamut of challenges and inefficiencies that show up in businesses, people and teams. After years of searching for answers to these challenges, a profound realisation in 2013 made it clear that there is only one cause responsible for all human-related inefficiency in business…and a great deal of personal struggle and unhappiness in life itself.

That one cause is a simple but widespread misunderstanding of how human experience works: It looks like we feel and experience our circumstances (e.g. events, situations and other people). It looks like circumstances have power. But the truth is, by design we can only ever feel and experience our moment-to-moment thinking, from the inside–>out. Said another way, we live inside an ebbing and flowing mind, and when we wake up to this fact of nature, it brings immense implications. For example, we cannot be a victim of the world, there is no power in circumstances, and we always have access to an unlimited supply of intelligent new thinking in any moment, to help us get done what we want to get done with grace, fulfilment and productivity. Simply, the human mind only works one-way (inside–>out via thinking) and has a built-in design for success.


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