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Katrina Pfannkuch

Katrina Pfannkuch-

Flirting With Enlightenment Podcast – The podcast for tapping into your inner wisdom for self-discovery, clarity, and passion with purpose is Hosted by Katrina Pfannkuch, Creative Katrina

Creativity Coach and Catalyst, Intuitive, Empath, Writer, Content Strategist, Podcaster.

My passion is guiding others to shift their perception about their natural creative gifts and live more in the flow by trusting themselves and their intuition.

I help people move past creative and/or mental blocks to become clear, focused, and more expressive in their business, creative work or life. I zero in on what needs to shift using intuitive and healing insights, and offer practical, easily applicable tools to empower clients to dive into self-discovery, gain clarity, and feel confident in trusting themselves to move past them.

Over 18 years as a professional writer and creativity consultant, combined with my intuitive gifts and training as a Reiki Master, intuitive, empath and healer, enables me to guide people through personal development challenges while offering clear explanations of what’s happening and how to shift it.

I enjoy helping solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and creatives tap into what’s in their hearts and show up as their real, true self. That way, no matter what you are looking to create, in business or life, is coming from an honest, creative, passionate space within.

I started the Flirting With Enlightenment podcast with a friend, a former monk. Our goal was to create a show that’s a blend of mindfulness, creativity and spirituality, and how they all intersect to influence our lives. We cover simple tips and practices for tapping into inner wisdom for self-discovery, clarity and passion with purpose, while making it fun and light-hearted at the same time. My former partner has moved on to pursue other coaching opportunities, but I have a passion for podcasting and wanted to keep it going. So now in addition to choosing and writing about the topics on the blog, I also record and produce the show on my own.

My original blog on Creative Katrina, covers lots of simple, mindful ways to make creative expression part of your everyday life, and it’s also where I share unique experiences from my personal journey as I learned to connect with my own creativity. You can read more at creativekatrina.com.

Personal Passions: Yoga, animals, learning to cook new dishes, reading, writing poetry, podcasting, holistic health, riding my bike and anything that makes me crack up laughing.

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