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Pauline Crawford-

Pauline Crawford: I founded Corporate Heart in 1999 and now take this to an international arena to support and enhance your collaborative inclusive leadership style. My passion is to support you to lead the healthiest performance culture mix of relationships, embracing all diversity and maximizing results.

Your people matter. Their performance is the company’s wealth. To gain the best results, especially in the CHAOS of current economic times, it is best to maximize the natural talents of your people, men and women together. Today gender-related business ‘battles’ are destroying potential. From the boardroom to management team to front line, it is vital to engage people to lift their game and perform on purpose, with passion and collaboration.

30 years proprietary research, I designed a mapping tool to enhance communication of men and women throughout your company. This is a radically different ‘gender dynamics’ approach to the current CHAOS so often found when women seek parity in the boardroom.


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