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Tony Winyard-

Tony Winyard: I’m a father of an amazing 10 year-old girl.
I was an international club DJ and worked around the world for 12 years living in 11 different countries and working for some of the richest people on the planet.
Worked on radio for 8 years and interviewed scores of famous celebrities such as BB King, Bon Jovi, Roberta Flack, George Benson, Take That, Cindy Crawford, INXS, Steven Segal, Roxette and many more.
Specialised as a wedding DJ in the UK and won UK Wedding DJ of The Year.
For the past couple of years have been working as a professional speaker and delivering workshops around helping small business owners live a better quality of life including helping them increase their prices and the value they have for themselves and the value they provide to their clients under the tag of “The Value Catalyst”
I have a podcast named Exceeding Expectations which has ran for over a year interviewing people who have the mindset of always trying to give their customers an amazing experience and far exceeding what their customers expected.
My mission is to help people have a better quality of life by charging higher prices so that they can work less and so have more time to spend with their kids, their partners, taking holidays etc and just enjoying life more, rather than working so much which then reduces stress, leads to better quality sleep and much better health.

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