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Robert Brus

Robert Brus: I’ve been lucky in my life to experience many different professions. It all started in the Australian Defence Force when I was just 17-years old.
I joined the Royal Australian Navy as a Combat Systems Operator and was responsible for the operation of the warships radars, sonar and electronic warfare sensors. It was a great job where I travelled the world with my mates and loved every second of it.
But I longed for more and soon after my time was up I found myself in the Australian Army progressing through my basic infantry training and onto my Battalion 3RAR and the Parachute School.
Beyond the ADF I have experienced many different jobs and ultimately I have found my feet outside the military as a digital marketer and entrepreneur.
Life for me is super busy with 3 beautiful children (2 teenage boys and an 11 year old girl) a woman I love dearly and several businesses but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I created the “GO ALL IN” podcast to share the stories of all the amazing people I know and hopefully in the process add some value back to the world with these lessons learnt and the heartache and triumph that they have created.
I am truly blessed with these 3 wonderful children. They are by far my greatest achievement. They are a crazy bunch and get on surprisingly well and I’m endlessly grateful for the love and the close bond that we all share.
They are my inspiration, and my why, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t recognise that they are watching my every move. I try my very best to be a sensible guide and a good example of giving back to the community and adding value back to the world.
It’s never lost on me the incredible people that I get to speak to on a daily basis as a broadcaster. Every person has a GO ALL IN story of some description whether its a politician, a prime minister or an every day regular business owner or individual.
The one thing that all of these people share in common is that at some point they all struggled to make it work but with persistence, commitment and an unwavering desire to succeed they came through successful.
I often feel very honoured to bring these amazing stories of triumph to my audience and in some ways it has become an obligation to share their important lessons, and that right there, is why this is my passion and why I love to do this day after day.

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