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Leanne Hughes


Leanne Hughes can help you find new angles on your material, develop your confidence and write workshops you can’t wait to present.

She loves to shake up expectations and create unpredictable workshop experiences (that predictably work).

Leanne has facilitated leadership, onboarding and team-building workshops across Australia, Canada, Indonesia and Mongolia and believes in a strengths-centred approach to learning and development. She has over 13 years’ of experience across a range of industries including mining, government and tourism sectors.

She is also the host of First Time Facilitator, a podcast that helps people develop and deliver workshops that kill. In 2018, she was an Australian finalist for the ‘Learning Professional of the Year’ category, from the Institute for Learning Professionals.

Website link:


My podcast, First Time Facilitator: https://www.firsttimefacilitator.com

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