1138:Maggie Georgopoulos works closely with Women in Leadership and those aspiring to leadership roles

Maggie Georgopoulos is an Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach who has worked with businesses and individuals from around the world to help them grow and be the best they can be. An outgoing, lively and inspirational individual, Maggie is an open and approachable trainer and speaker who will leave audiences wanting more.

She is often described as being inspirational, especially in terms of inspiring people to take on challenges of go for their dreams.
Maggie works closely with Women in Leadership and those aspiring to leadership roles. In particular she works with those who are in what is still classified as non-traditional roles. As a Mechanical Engineer who has worked in Manufacturing, including automotive, FMCG and Plastics, as well as Oil and Gas and Agriculture,

Maggie is well position as an expert in this area.Having consulted in countries such as Iraq, Libya, Kazakhstan, Poland, the UK, the US, Australia, Tanzania, South Korea, Japan and China to name a few Maggie is also uniquely position to deal with cultural issues that can impact a team or an individual’s work role.

She also works closely with adult trainers to train them to top techniques for designing and delivering training to suit all the whole learning cycle. This is also utilised in her leadership training and coaching tying learning and training preferences to building better teams.

Maggie Georgopoulos can also work with individual and teams around a number of key profiles including MBTI (Myers-Briggs Personality Profile), 4Mat Learning and Teaching Styles, Hemispheric Profiles and FIRO team profiles.

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