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Jer Jessi

Starting her professional carrier in a Swiss Bank Jer Jessi went on to join the international training company of her parents “Siegel HR”, becoming a certified Master trainer for Sales and Negotiation as well as an accredited trainer for psychometrics profiles. She has more than 10 years of experience within the Swiss Confederations where she acted as an economist and in public relations for presence Swiss.

Jessi holds a Bachelor in Economics and a Master’s Degree in Service Management and Marketing from the Swiss Confederation. As Vice President of e-northamerica she is responsible for business development in the US-American market, bringing to the team the spirit of a young manager and a ten-year experience as a trainer and consultant.
Jessi is the Founder CoachTheWorld, which collaborates with international companies and international influencers in many fields.
Also, she just joined the World Trade Centre of Tampa Bay, as Director for platform and Communication.

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