Tanya Lynn Thomas for 25 years has had the thrill of coaching people

374:Tanya Lynn Thomas for 25 years has had the thrill of coaching people

Tanya Lynn Thomas-

Tanya Lynn Thomas: For the past 25 years, I’ve had the thrill of coaching people from: all walks of life, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and CEO’s, in strategic professional and life planning. I use a dynamic collaborative approach used to facilitate conscious growth and transformation. I help my clients prioritize and realize their visions/goals for their careers, relationships and business life.

My fields of coaching include:
► Business
► Spiritual
► Entrepreneurship
► Life
► Grief

I specialize in: values clarification, strategic professional planning, and life/work balancing. I conduct one-on-one phone/Skype session and in-person group coaching sessions. All these, in the result of helping you reach unprecedented levels of productivity, satisfaction and growth.

Some of us are stuck in one or many areas of our life. In the process, we lose sight of our dreams, what our vision was and we even lose hope. If this is you, please know that your life matters and I want to be part of your journey to help you get unstuck and unclutter your God-given gifts and unleash your potential.


Because when you do things as a team (YOU and I) we go farther than you imagine, you waste less time on being stuck and you finally have an effective strategy on dealing with obstacles and plateaus. But most of all, you are more grounded through your progress and this contributes in attaining your objectives. You are already 98% extraordinary. I want to take care of the 2%, which takes you to PHENOMENAL. Allow me to assist you in living authentically the 2%!

As my business is expanding, I am presently looking for:

► Chief Operating Officer to help with the growth of my business structurally
► Executive Assistant (possibility of remote location)
► Life Coaches to join my expanding business

Feel free to connect with me and let’s see how we add value to each other!

Send your resume or contact information to: tanyalynn10@gmail.com


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