233: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Wendy Williams

233: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams-

Relationship intelligence is a core skill needed in marriages andlong-term committed relationships to combat marriage distress,distance, discouragement and disconnection. Wendy Williams is anexperienced change agent who has been on the leading edge of learning and development for more than 20 years—starting with developing peer-to-peer clinical learning in healthcare and then with innovative relationship skill development as a health & wellness strategy and now with committed couples.

Wendy Williams is passionate about learning and education and technology. Wendy
spent over 10 years in higher education at both Northeastern University and Tufts University, where she helped shape healthcareeducation for clinicians seeking graduate education, and collaborated with faculty to grow a specialized graduate program in pain studiesas the Associate Director.

Today, Wendy combines years of relationship scholarship and teaching, both online and face-to-face with a big helping  dose of creativity to help couples move beyond marriage distress to a stronger bond.

Wendy holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Massachusetts — which meansshe has a focused, practical, caring approach to life and isn’t afraid to use it. She also earned a M.Ed. in Adult and Organizational Learning from Northeastern University, fulfilling a desire to move adults forwardthrough an androgogical approach to learning (think: adults want to be self-directed). A long-time Boston resident, she studied with top social scientists in the Marriage Education field, Scott Stanley, PhD and RitaDeMaria, PhD. Wendy is devoted to working with individuals and couples to move from soul-draining to soul-satisfying relationships. Happier is way possible.


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