Lynn Hauka helps wives whose husbands have (PTSD) have the life they...

1165:Lynn Hauka helps wives whose husbands have (PTSD) have the life they…


Lynn Hauka-

Lynn Hauka is fiercely committed to showing military wives whose husbands have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) how to rise up together and find themselves so they can have the life they want.

If you are looking for a proven coach who can show you how to renew your life, you’ve come to the right place. Lynn has nearly 30 years of experience guiding women to life-changing breakthroughs.   As an Army veteran who grew up with a vet dad with PTSD and was married to a Vietnam vet who experienced trauma, she knows the unique challenges you face.  Lynn’s a long-time mindfulness practitioner and teacher, and she’s fiercely committed to compassion, connection, and trust as the keys to creating safe space for her clients to blossom.

Lynn is a natural at this work. She is genuinely and honestly filled with joy when she can assist people overcome whatever hurdles they face. I encourage anyone that is struggling for change or wishes to have more control over their emotions and reactions to give Lynn a call or attend an event.” – Alysa B.


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