Gary Loper's Passion is to Assist you in Building Better Relationships with your Teams, Customers, Prospects, and Partners, and most importantly YOURSELF /Ep2731

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My passion is to assist you in Building Better Relationships with your teams, customers, prospects, and partners, and most importantly yourself.

With more than 200,000+ connections on Twitter, and a strong background in marketing and sales, 30+ years of customer service and 15+ years of direct sales, I am instrumental in helping you attract a targeted audience and increase your effectiveness and financial profitability. Teaching strategies and tactics on how to be successful will open up the door to produce and maintain positive personal and business solutions.

With tens of thousands of hours of vast personal development, mind and bodywork study, and intuitive abilities, I empower individuals to discover their gifts, develop confidence, and create better relationships with themselves and others in their lives. 

I specialize in working with entrepreneurs and sales teams to build a network of Endless Referrals, thus making your business and life more fun and profitable.

•  Twitter Expert
•  Business-Life Relationship Coach
•  Certified Consultant w/Bob Burg Intl., Go Giver Facilitator
•  Certified YES! Energy Coach w/Loral Langemeier
•  Platinum Certified Sales Trainer w/Eric Lofholm International
•  Mindset Coach
•  Training at the Gremlin-Taming Institute
•  Motivational Speaker
•  Trainer

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