1763:Clecio Weirich is a Salesman, Broadcaster and Writer

1763:Clecio Weirich is a Salesman, Broadcaster and Writer

Clecio Weirich-

Always trying to be involved in creations, Clecio Weirich says, “I think my mind is a mysterious labyrinth, I keep searching for the middle of it and along the way, I`m gathering some results. Not as prolific as I wanted to a Writer, but still every day having new ideas to the stories I`ll be telling in the next years.

Started my “friendship” with the internet many years ago having contact with blogs, creating some but never an acclaimed one. After seeing one of my friends having success in it I decided to change my focus and founder-member together with three friends we started a Web Radio that made a bit of “noise” in the city we all live in, getting us to be invited to many events. At the radio, we had some live programs, one of them led by myself which played some of the 2000 rock hits and new songs look at youtube, from independent bands.
After a kind of dissolution of the team, I’ve got myself far away from the internet creation but not t0o long. That friend of the Blog (capinaremos.com) which recently got cited by NY Times for being censored by Brazil President for doing Memes about him, had once tried to do some podcasting but left the project, then I suggested to him “What about doing a Live Program at the Radio (webputz.com.br) with us? ”
After some thinking, he decided to try, and now, more than two years since, we have had more than 100 “CapinaShow” which are posted to the blog in a not edited podcast version of the live program.
Now I still participate in the fixed cast of the show and start of my own youtube channel (https://www.facebook.com/PlanningOutPlans) that in the next days (I guess) will be having the first episodes. I hope you will hear about me soon.
Hope you enjoy the “12minconvos” and I want to thank my new Friend Engel Jones for the opportunity to be at his show talking about my things and improving my English, hehe”.

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