De'Nicea Hilton, Educate, Embrace and Embody Holistic menstrual Health /Ep2436

De’Nicea Hilton, Educate, Embrace and Embody Holistic menstrual Health /Ep2436


De’Nicea Hilton- 

De’Nicea Hilton: I’m De’Nicea Hilton, saving uteruses and making babies as Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine, podcast host and speaker.

I’ve partnered with women struggling with menstrual cycle disorders and diminished fertility to feel empowered in learning more about herself, learning what she needs and giving herself what she needs to have a better relationship with herself and cycle and to have the healthy baby she once only dreamed about. 

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [01:00]
What’s going on with your podcast? [01:26]
What’s the focus of your new podcast? [02:06]
On the impact of what’s going on at Hilton Holistic Health [04:36]
Benefits on the Girl Scouts and Girl Guide space [06:51]
Do you have any regrets? [07:33]
Where is the best place for someone to connect with you? [08:42]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [09:19]

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