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Francine Shaw-

Francine L. Shaw, President, CP-FS, CFSM, FSP, FMP

Master Trainer,

President of Food Safety Training Solutions, Inc.


Francine L. Shaw is President of Food Safety Training Solutions, Inc., which offers a robust roster of services, including food safety training, food safety inspections, food safety consulting, food allergy training, responsible alcohol service training, writing HACCP plans and more.

Francine Shaw is a certified instructor for the National Environmental Health Association®, National Registry of Food Safety Professionals®, National Restaurant Association®, Prometric, TiPS®, and HACCP.  Her work in food and alcohol safety training has won several awards, including recognition by a number of U.S. Governors and Senators.

Francine has helped numerous clients, including McDonald’s, Subway, Marriott, Domino’s, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, Dairy Queen, Five Guys and Omni Hotel and Resorts, prevent foodborne illnesses. Additionally, she has worked with restaurants of all sizes, schools, medical facilities, convenience stores, hotels, casinos, and airport clients, nationally and internationally. Francine has been featured as a food safety expert in numerous media outlets, including the Dr. Oz Show, the Huffington Post, Food Management Magazine and Food Safety News.

A highly-regarded subject matter expert around food and alcohol safety, Francine trains, speaks, writes, and coaches.  Additionally, she has earned the following designations:

·         Certified Professional of Food Safety (CP-FS)

·         Certified Food Safety Manager (CFSM)

·         Food Management Professional (FMP)

·         FSM (Food Safety Manager).

Francine Shaw has more than 20 years of hospitality experience, and brings that “real world” knowledge to her food safety business, to the benefit of her clients.  She helps clients amplify their investments and maximize profits via effective training and coaching practices. Her plethora of skills help companies worldwide find (and fix) problems before they become liability issues or problems noted by their local regulatory authorities.

In addition to her training, coaching and consulting business, Francine is a Continuing Education lecturer at Hagerstown Community College and Frederick Community College.

Her professional memberships include:

  • International Association for Food Protection (IAFP)
  • Conference for Food Protection (CFP)
  • NEHA (National Environmental Health Association)
  • NEHA Business and Industry Affiliate (NEHA BIA)
  • NRFSP (National Restaurant of Food Service Professionals)


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