1911:Puja Talesara, Organisational Development Consultant, Podcaster, ...

1911:Puja Talesara, Organisational Development Consultant, Podcaster , Certified Talent Development Assessor, Counsellor & Leadership Coach

Puja Talesara

Puja Talesara-

Puja Talesara is an HR Professional with expertise in Talent management and development. She has a decade of rich and diverse experience in corporate and consulting space. She is a certified inbound and outbound assessor, personal counselor and is honing our skills currently as Transformational coach. Different life experiences piqued her interest and passion for helping others to formulate shape and achieve their goals, dreams, and desires.
She is passionate about empowering people (especially young leaders and millennials) and organizations attain their goal, coach them/provide solutions in their journey of accomplishment.
She also dabbles with the podcast as a speaker and host on mental wellness and leadership topics.

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