1729:Jen Cox Erhardt is the Owner of Aldea Marketing

Jen Cox Erhardt

Jen Cox Erhardt-

I’m Jen Cox Erhardt: third-generation Montanan, agency-trained marketing manager, lover of fly-fishing, adventure, and brave local businesses. I started Aldea to combine my passion for marketing strategy with my knack for teaching, to help local businesses and non-profits gain confidence and traction with their marketing.

In my past life, I managed multi-million-dollar marketing accounts for national brands like Vasque Footwear, AAA, and the Montana Office of Tourism. I also taught marketing concepts to college kids. Somewhere in between, I hatched an idea: combine my 17 years of marketing experience with classroom tactics to de-mystify marketing concepts for local businesses and non-profits, handing smaller businesses the same marketing tools big businesses use. I call this idea Aldea. In Spanish, Aldea translates to “village”: a place where locals work side by side, combine ideas, share skills, and create unique offerings from local resources. This village mindset inspires my approach to helping local businesses handle marketing with more confidence (and much better results).

Marketing Consulting Company: http://www.aldea-marketing.com/about/
Beautifully Equipped Podcast: https://beautifullyequipped.com/about/

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