1826:Davina Frederick, Business Growth Strategist and Marketing...

1826:Davina Frederick, Business Growth Strategist and Marketing Consultant

Davina Frederick

Davina Frederick-

Davina Frederick is a Florida-based attorney, a business growth strategist, and the creator of D. Frederick Media and Marketing. She works with other attorneys and high-fiduciary solo and small firm practitioners to help them create the lifestyles they truly desire, and businesses to support those chosen lifestyles.
For about 15 years prior to becoming an attorney, Davina worked in-house, and at an agency, as a professional services marketer and copywriter. She’s also an entrepreneur who has created and invested in multiple start-up businesses, including her own law practice, a high-performance fitness training facility, and a food manufacturing company.
For the past four years, Davina has been on a mission to help other women entrepreneurs stop making excuses and start creating wealth.
To learn more about Davina, check out: http://www.dfrederickmedia.com

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