1485:Nancy Carmichael is the Proprietor and Chief Misfit of the IsleofMisfits.com

Nancy Carmichael

Nancy Carmichael-

Nancy Carmichael is the Proprietor and Chief Misfit of the IsleofMisfits.com, a blogging and podcasting Oasis for self-proclaimed square pegs, far and wide.  Through it, she hopes to build a community of people who own their awkward, love their fellow misfit and embrace beauty and truth in the weirdness of life. Aside from this, one of her main claims to fame is being merely 1 degree separated from Kevin Bacon, thanks to a friend who once played a stand-in for his leading lady in the 80’s classic “She’s Having a Baby”. As if it could get any better, Nancy is married to a man so good it took EHarmony to help her find him, and a daughter she will obnoxiously brag about if given even half a chance.  She has spent her life communicating good news wherever in the world the door opens, through writing, singing, speaking, coaching, counseling and advocating for those whom society often overlooks.  


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