Krista Rizzo helps parents navigate the exciting path of raising children /Ep2407

Krista Rizzo helps parents navigate the exciting path of raising children /Ep2407


Krista Rizzo-

Krista Rizzo (Why Am I Yelling?), is a Certified Professional Coach, Blogger & Creator of the Why Am I Yelling? Brand. She helps parents navigate the exciting path of raising children by addressing the fear, embracing the milestones and encouraging a creative and positive family dynamic. Krista is known in parenting circles for her “let kids be kids” approach to parenting which focuses on giving them the independence they need and crave in order for them to grow into people we want to be around.

She’s an active contributor for the Today Show Parenting Website, was recently featured in the NY Post, and has been showcased as a thought leader in her field in multiple blogs and podcasts for her parenting expertise. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and their 2 very active boys. When she’s not schlepping her kids to a soccer game or school event, she likes to hide out with a glass (ok, maybe a bottle) of prosecco, a jar of Nutella and a good book!

More About Krista Rizzo

I am a relationship coach and parenting strategist certified through Coach Training Alliance.

I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Will. He committed to spending the rest of his life with me, “The Hurricane” (as my Aunt likes to call me), a long time ago.

Together we’re raising 2 active, engaging, entertaining, crazy boys who always keep us on our toes.

It’s pretty damn good.


How are you doing? [00:57]
What part of the world are you now? [01:12]
What’s up with parenting and relationship coaching, Is that still going on? [01:35]
What is the best place for someone to connect with you? [02:33]
Give us a story behind “Why Am I Yelling”? [02:48]
Is Yelling beneficial? [03:58]
Do you have any regrets looking back from now to then? [06:18]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience