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Critical Thinking Evolution
“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally look at the results.”
-Winston Churchill-

Our teams translate brain science into common sense. Mind & body biomedical evidence provides specific recovery strategies to address multiple challenges so often seen using only insufficient psychiatric labels and medications.

Neuroscience Evidence Changes Thinking.
Specifically: ADHD medication challenges are so commonplace that an improved understanding of ADHD medications will change the way you think about most psychiatric interventions in the future. New brain science encourages thinking more carefully about how we evaluate and treat thinking.

Brief CV
– Adult Psychiatry: Albert Einstein Med Cntr, Phila, PA
– Adolescent and Child Psychiatrist: Hahnemann Med Cntr, Phila.
– Addiction Medicine Specialist, >20 yrs
– Psychoanalyst [training completed Phila. Assoc. for Psychoanalysis ’97],
– Psychopharmacologist, Lectured Nationally since ’96
– SPECT Functional Brain Specialist since 2003, Chief at Amen Clinic DC 2003-2007
– Certified as an Authorized User by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission 2003
– Systems/Functional Medicine: Specific Immune, Nutritional, Hormone Evaluation
– Author: “Deep Recovery” 1992 – Then and now reductionistic thinking about addiction abounds – “Deep Recovery” addresses the same labeling challenges present today with any recovery process.
– Author: “New ADHD Medication Rules: Brain Science & Common Sense” 2010 – Target brain function and biomedical issues for more predictable treatment outcomes.
– Medical Director – CorePsych Treatment Programs http://corepsych.com
– Host: CoreBrain Journal – Neuroscience Details to Change Your Mind – http://corebrainjournal.com/about

The Mind World Is Dramatically Changing

Join me on this road trip through new Realities to useful, fresh biomedical discoveries. In the last 10 years incredible neuroscience evidence encourages a complete rethinking of the many psychiatric platitudes and inadequate labels used currently to direct daily patient care.

As an author [Deep Recovery, New ADHD Medication Rules, CorePsych Articles], a neuroscientist certified for SPECT brain imaging, and a practicing child and adult psychiatrist, and a national lecturer for pharmaceutical companies since the early ’90s,  I’ve repeatedly witnessed the limitations of imprecise thinking for years. Travel with me to begin changing outdated, reductionistic thinking here at CoreBrain Training – where we translate brain science into common sense applications to improve mind care globally. See CoreBrain Training for Coaches, and for those interested in the evolving Reality of ADHD Meds.

Why all this ADHD fuss? ADHD is the most frequently misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated psychiatric condition on the planet – yet fresh mind-data spells out specific, measurable, underlying biomedical details. For a Complimentary Special Report on missed diagnosis and imprecise treatment: Predictable Solutions For ADHD Meds. Current guesswork and imprecision with meds often create harmful outcomes, while scientific precision maximizes predictability. Together we can make a difference.

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