1640:Ben Peters formed the Millennial Commute to share his...)

1640:Ben Peters formed the Millennial Commute to share his experience, network, and passion for education

Ben Peters-

Ben Peters started the Millennial Commute with one principle desire:

To organize and deliver incredibly valuable education & industry information to Millennials so they can make sound career decisions.

In May 2016, Ben relocated from his hospitality career in Silicon Valley, returning to Minnesota to be closer to his family after over five years on the coasts.

While helping his younger brother with college applications, he spent countless hours doing research, reading career books, and reaching out to friends to guide his younger brother to the best decision on a school and major.

While evaluating career options and applying to law school, Ben realized that “mentorship” was a common theme of his career that did not just apply to helping his brother.

In his four years at Cornell University, Ben attained the following mentor positions:

  • Teaching Assistant for the following classes within The Hotel School:
    • Financial Accounting (a core freshman class within the Hotel School)
    • Microeconomics (a core freshman class within the Hotel School)
    • Managerial Accounting (a core sophomore class within the Hotel School)
    • Taxation and Management Decisions (an upper level elective within the Hotel School)
    • Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series (a popular core/elective speaker series).
  • Resident Advisor for the following dorms at Cornell:
    • Akwe:kon (1 year)–a Native American themed dorm featuring a warm community and frequent cultural activities.
    • Townhouse Community (2 years)–a freshman dorm open to all freshmen at Cornell and housing a great proportion of Cornell’s freshmen athletes. Ben’s proudest achievement in the Townhouses was creating and funding a weekly program called “The Buzz” in which students gathered for coffee, snacks, and a themed discussion.

The Millennial Commute was born out of this transforming educational environment.

Ben has formed the Millennial Commute to share his experience, network, and passion for education, and he is incredibly excited for the opportunity to help young people all around the world achieve their own career dreams starting today!

Outside of the Education industry, Ben enjoys working at his family’s summer resort (http://www.petersresort.com), playing basketball and soccer in his community, and being involved with Rotary International where he is the Social Media Director for his home club and on the Minnesota 5950 District Public Image team. His favorite vacation city is San Diego, CA.

To work with me directly, please visit http://www.millennialcommute.com

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