1103: Evan Le studies the habits and routines of successful people & translates it back to you


Evan Le

Ever since high school, I’ve spent a lot of time reading self-development books, no matter how nerdy it made me feel to be reading one of those “Why Your Twenties Matter!” kind of books. I enjoy a life of constantly trying to push myself into new situations in order to grow and keep my life interesting.

In 2013, I enrolled at the University of Southern California. I always wanted to travel and this was the best excuse to move 3,000 miles from home to sunny Los Angeles. I knew I was in for something new and exciting, and I can confirm that with each and every opportunity and friendship that has been thrown my way.

Through my experiences learning about entrepreneurship, economics, and freedom, I’ve been able to network with some of the country’s most brightest students at Young Americans for Liberty and FEE, the Foundation for Economics Education. In 2015, I even got to meet Dr. Ron Paul himself, one of my personal heroes.

When I talk to many of my peers, I notice the lostness they feel in their general life direction. They see it as a problem with themselves, while I see it as a country-wide university system that has failed to grow since the founding years of these institutions. There is a better way to educate students and this university system has been long in need of an overhaul.

After careful thought and consideration, I felt like it was time to take a pause on my 15th straight year of traditional schooling and make a bold move. I started Praxis.




If you have ever said things like:

  • “I like college. I just don’t like the classes.”
  • “I just want my degree so that I can go get a real job.”
  • “A little piece of my soul dies every time I sit through a boring lecture.”

Then you will love what I write.

I study the habits and routines of the successful people and translate it back to you in a digestable format. I believe that no matter your “educational” background, you always have the power to control your life.

Today’s education system is handicapping ambitious young people. It’s making them bored and uninspired in life.

Yet with so many parents, teachers, and guidance counselors pushing you towards college, saying “no” becomes increasingly difficult. You deserve a better solution. You need a path that works for you.

I want to help you in the process of creating that path.

For any questions, reach out to me at: evanduyLe@gmail.com.

PS: My interests include mixology, powerlifting, traveling, MMA, WWE, and all things Final Fantasy.


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