Annick Ina helps you make the most of self-publishing with ease and grace /Ep2821


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My name is Annick and I’m here to help you breeze past overwhelm and get that book of yours out and into the hands of your future raving fans!

As bestselling author, coach and former owner of a retail business, I have blended all my skills and experience into one business, to provide authors and aspiring authors with all the tools, support and services they need to turn their story and expertise into a published book they can share with their audience.

Focus on what you do best while we take care of all the back end process.

We treat you like a superstar, without claiming royalties or ownership and copyright to your words. You get to keep full control of your content, what you do with it, where you use it and who you want to share it with.

We help you make the most of self-publishing with ease and grace, thanks to our strategy and services ranging from book coaching to editing, cover design, typesetting and formatting, publishing, PR and marketing, crowdfunding, and more.


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