1164:Sheila Gallien is a writer, surfer, single mom, newly minted “channel,”


Sheila Gallien-

Sheila Gallien is a writer, surfer, single mom, newly minted “channel,” and fierce focus expert. She loves to navigate worlds, having worked at diverse levels in business, entertainment, hospitality, sales, and whatnot. Her mission, now that she has chosen to accept it, is to unlock heaven on earth by mastering her own gifts, and helping others to activate and master theirs.


In January of 2017, in the depth of a six-week illness, she had the surprising experience of beginning to “channel.” Skeptical at first, she finally surrendered, and began an intimate conversation with a higher consciousness, the Heart Center of the ​Heart Center of the Universe.

Over the next few months, she was given a book title and chapter headings: BRIDGING ASCENSION: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR THE SURPRISED ASCENDER. The chapters were then recorded during her daily oak tree meditations.  They are fun, a little out there, and also totally practical statements about the changing energies of our planet, our bodies, and our choices.

She regularly posts her channelings and writings on sheilagallien.life, and is a contributor for Thrive Global. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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