1054:Celeste St Hill – Children Fully Alive & People Fully Alive

1054:Celeste St Hill – Children Fully Alive & People Fully Alive


Celeste St Hill-

Celeste St Hill – Children Fully Alive & People Fully Alive (celestesthill7@gmail.com)


Celeste originally started out in the environmental and heritage conservation field but switched careers in 2003 to teach creative writing to children. Now, she has taught creative writing to over 1,500 children in various Primary Schools across the Caribbean island of Barbados and in Young Writer’s Clinics. She is also the owner and principal facilitator of “Children Fully Alive” whereby children in small groups are inspired to live their God-given purpose with passion, power, and vision, using creative writing, drama, art, personal and life skill development as the tools.


Celeste has run teacher training creative writing workshops for the Ministry of Education, the National Cultural Foundation and for various Primary Schools in Barbados.


Celeste is also currently developing a sister business, People Fully Alive, working with adults in the field of life purpose Christian coaching to answer the questions “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “What’s my God-given purpose” along with helping them to get very clear about what they want their life to look like and how they can develop multiple streams of income based on their life’s purpose and the things they love to do.


Celeste believes that life is a journey of discovery and that it should be lived through imagining, moving, hearing, writing, speaking, drawing, seeing, laughing, expressing, touching, questioning, exploring emotions………..and having fun…and she incorporates all of this into her programs.


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