1670:Dominique Henderson, founder of DJH Capital Management, LLC

1670:Dominique Henderson owner and founder of DJH Capital Management, LLC.

Dominique Henderson

Dominique Henderson-

Hello! My name is Dominique Henderson, Sr. I am owner and founder of DJH Capital Management, LLC. I’d like to use this section to tell you a bit about why I formed the firm and a little about myself.

Ever since I was a little boy, I walked around the house in shorts, a dress shirt and one of my dad’s ties while carrying a briefcase. I guess you could say there was always a “businessman” inside me. As I grew up, I began to notice that I had a talent for helping people solve complex problems. Although this didn’t have anything to do with money normally, it was definitely personal advice and counsel. This natural ability formed into a “mission” for me as an adult as I thought about how I could leave a legacy of “helping people”.

During my 35th birthday celebration weekend, I was in Austin with my wife and we watched an ESPN documentary on athletes that had gone broke after playing sports. My heart went out to these guys because they had essentially missed a golden opportunity to pass on life- changing wealth to their families. I believe there were two reasons I felt this way. First, my family had experienced our own financial hardship during the economic downturn, so I understood the consequences of bad financial choices like not saving enough and accumulating too much debt. Therefore, I empathized with the lasting impact the consequences of those choices could have on you and your family. Second, after recovering (by the grace of God) from that “dark period” in life, I found myself still struggling to maintain the ever-elusive “work-life” balance. It all led to a mismanaged and unfulfilled life.

Something strange began to happen as I continued working with millionaires on a daily basis. In working with them to provide solutions for their financial problems, I realized a common trait across the truly wealthy. This realization is what I began calling ” financial contentment” and I felt that this formula needed to be shared with everyone. From then on, I began to put a plan in place to help individuals find true financial contentment through financial literacy and economic empowerment.

My plan involved many steps, including returning to school to receive a graduate degree in portfolio management, earning the Certi ed Financial PlannerTM designation, and continuing to experience my own ” financial contentment”. The journey has equipped me with an invaluable skill set to carry out something I love to do–help people solve problems.

In 2016, I launched DJH Capital Management, LLC.–a fee-only, registered investment advisory firm in Dallas focused on “providing our clients with sound, prudent wealth management advice”. I count it a privilege being able to have served the financial services industry since 1998 and look forward to many more years of doing the same. I’ve been blessed with the energy to not only serve clients in my business, but to begin building a legacy with my wife (Briana) and our three children (Bria, Dominique Jr. and Payton). When I’m not advising clients, I enjoy spending time with my family, recording the podcast and long walks.

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